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iMEDIA's vision is to be the leading digital company in Indonesia, with various digital platform services ranging from online media, social networking platforms, to online store services and other digital services that are integrated with each other. We promote positive journalism that builds for a better Indonesia and is beneficial for environmental sustainability and humanity. We are ready to work hard and smart and are always open to collaborating with various parties who share our vision with us in order to realize our big dream


iMEDIA progressively develops and manages various online platform services ranging from online media, social networking platforms to online shops and other digital services that are integrated with each other as part of our digital business ecosystem. All of our online human platforms may be useful for the progress of the nation and support Indonesia's economic growth as well as beneficial for humanity and environmental sustainability


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PT Indonesia Cipta Mediacom abbreviated as iMEDIA is a digital company that was founded in 2012. Where one sector of the iMedia business unit oversees a number of online media in Jakarta and several regions. iMEDIA is strengthened by online media networks, both general and segmented. iMEDIA also manages the Latest Social Networking Platform (Socialloka.com) and the Gomedia.id e-commerce platform.

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iMedia sangat up to date dan fast response adminnya, sesuai dengan berita aslinya dan no hoax
Foto Testimoni Mbak Ersy Bella Indihome 1
Ersy Bella  IndiHome Telkom
iMedia merespons cepat kebutuhan klien, Artikel dipublish cepat dan tepat sesuai dengan permintaan dan kebutuhan. Great!!! 😊😊👍.
Testimoni Mbak Nida
Nida Kinanti PT Angkasa Digital Nusantara (PublikasiMedia Agency)
The employees are friendly, the response and service are really good, highly recommended
Alena Pubic Relations


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